Snow Grouse (Raicho), 1930

by Toshi Yoshida (1911 - 1995)

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Snow Grouse (Raicho), 1930 by Toshi Yoshida (1911 - 1995)

Original Toshi Yoshida (1911 - 1995) Japanese Woodblock Print
Snow Grouse (Raicho), 1930

Toshi Yoshida - Toshi Yoshida was the son of Hiroshi Yoshida, one of the most famous woodblock print artists of the 20th century. He followed the family tradition, and centuries old Japanese craft, of woodblock printmaking adopting and developing his signature style. His close relationship with his father was instrumental in the pursuit of his art. Together, father and son traveled Japan, and the globe, examining and sketching people and places around them.

Snow Grouse (Raicho), 1930 - Handsome nature scene of a snow grouse and her four chicks. One of the chicks peers out from beneath the hen's feathers with an alert eye, as one of its siblings at left pecks at the ground. A lovely image with a beautiful, warm color palette and fine bokashi shading in the background.

Signed - Toshi Yoshida in English in the margin and Japanese within the image (with chop)

Titled - Raicho, in Japanese

Artist - Toshi Yoshida (1911 - 1995)

Image Size - 9 5/8" x 14 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent, no toning, tears, not mounted, full margins

Snow Grouse (Raicho), 1930 by Toshi Yoshida (1911 - 1995)
Snow Grouse (Raicho), 1930 by Toshi Yoshida (1911 - 1995)