La Poetesse Indienne, 1941

by Jacoulet (1896 - 1960)

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La Poetesse Indienne, 1941 by Jacoulet (1896 - 1960)

Original Jacoulet (1896 - 1960) Japanese Woodblock Print
La Poetesse Indienne, 1941

Comments - Beautiful portrait of an Indian poetess, looking up at the sky with a thoughtful expression. Although wearing traditional Indian dress, the model is actually the daughter of an expatriate friend of Jacoulet's who lived in the South Seas. She wears a flowing blue robe edged with a striped yellow band, her arm just visible through the sheer fabric. She sits on a bench among delicate pink lotus blossoms and green leaves with golden yellow undersides, the sky softly shaded blue. The sumptuously elegant image that was very successful when issued during the early years of WWII. According to the catalogue by Richard Miles, this is a now a very rare subject. A lovely, graceful design, attractively colored.

French title - La Poetesse Indienne
English titleThe Indian Poetess
Date - January 2, 1941
Signed - Pencil signed Paul Jacoulet in subject at lower right, with red artist's "Butterfly" seal
Carver - Maeda
Printers - Honda, Uchikawa, Ogawa
Edition - Not numbered, with red "JP" seal on reverse on Jacoulet watermarked paper

Artist - Jacoulet (1896 - 1960)

Image Size - 15 3/8" x 11 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Toning, a few small creases at edges. Please see photos for details. Good overall.

La Poetesse Indienne, 1941 by Jacoulet (1896 - 1960)
La Poetesse Indienne, 1941 by Jacoulet (1896 - 1960)